« After 21 years of collaboration with John Lobb, I joined Massaro, the latest women’s ‘haute-couture’ shoe workshop. In this historic workshop I returned to my first love: the confection of women’s shoes, and I was able to offer my full craftsman’s expertise. During the 9 years I was head of Massaro we made many many ‘dreams’ come true!

« My life path and that of being a craftsman” have led me, today, to naturally want to leave a trace of my journey. Through the people I have met and my lived experiences, I have acquired a high evel of expertise that I now want to share. On the strength of such past experience I can now comfortably develop a new, contemporary approach to my craft and savoir faire. By creating my own company and workshop, I sincerely hope to contribute to the long term survival of this profession which I know and love so well. »