The workshop / As soon as you enter the workshop you are within the production area. The workshop’s space is voluntarily conceived not only to enhance the fabrication process of the shoes but to enable visitors to move around in close proximity to the craftsmen, thus making exchange and dialogue easy. Each project starts with listening to the client’s requirements when they come into the workshop; the culmination of the different paths and experiences of Philippe Atienza’s professional career have given rise to the desire to create a ‘laboratory of style’ over and above the work of the craftsman.

  • Authenticity / The decor is made up of a collection of old tools and machines, all of which have been used to create and produce shoes for our clients. These are the objects of a large collection acquired throughout a professional career and here, they are brought back to life, as a mark of respect for those who have used them and for the love of their transmission.

  • Transmission / Transmission of our craft is an essential part of our project. The workshop organises beginners and expert classes. Students will be proud to have learned the skills to make their own pair of shoes.

  • Experience / Mof offers his ‘savoir-faire’ to young designers, artists and people of other creative backgrounds, thus making the laboratory a truly dynamic work place where the production of a shoe is not just about comfortably fitting a foot but also the imaginative and innovative projection of a product.

  • Bootmaker / After studying from the age of 16 with ‘Les compagnon du devoir du tour de France’, Philippe Atienza joined the workshop of the emblematic bootmaker John Lobb. After 21 years of production experience his expertise is more than confirmed in this complex craft and following nearly 9 years as Director at Massaro (offering the perfect and subtle mix of producing both masculine and feminine collections), Philippe Atienza looks now to explore new, creative projects. And so we welcome you to his new world as an independent craftsman, whereby he designs and produces new creations. And whether they be classical, innovative or extravagant all his new works respect the art and craft of the bootmaker.

interview of 24May 2016 on BfmTV

Article in ‘POINTURE’ – the French magazine
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