Having trained with ‘Les Compagnons’ and worked with the top shoe and boot makers both in France and internationally, Philippe Athienza is a professional expert in his field, earning himself the title and reputation of one of the Best craftsmen in France’. For Philippe however, being part of this world of luxury goods and fashion is not his priority. Philippe needs to be able to fully express his own creative ideas and profound artistic sensitivity. This is why he decided to open his own workshop, in the ‘Viaduc des Arts’ of Paris’ 12th ‘arrondissement’.

In Philippe’s workshop the key word is ‘authenticity’. A collection of old, authentic machines and tools are not only part of the decor, they are also used in the manufacturing process for all shoes made there, whether they be for men or women.

« The workshop space has been voluntarily organised so as to showcase the production process of the shoes. Clients and visitors can easily move around in close proximity to the craftsmen. This informal atmosphere naturally encourages dialogue ».